November 27, 2022

Attending the World Cup is a dream come true for soccer fans around the world. Here’s how much tickets are on the resale market. 

The World Cup is nearly here. Played in Qatar this year, it’s the first time the tournament will be played in November and December and the first time the tournament is being played in the Middle East.

Qatar has invested $300 billion to host the event including building seven new stadiums, but for fans, how much will it cost to attend the event?

World Cup 2022 ticket prices in Qatar depend on various factors

The ticket prices here discussed here were obtained via the secondary market, but fans interested in going can check FIFA’s website for tickets directly from the organizer, though few remain at this point since most of the tickets were reportedly sold in October. Qatar residents can also obtain tickets directly from FIFA for a presumably lower cost.

The fully-loaded cost of attendance is certainly expected to be much higher once you factor in transportation, lodging, and food/beverage (although you won’t be gouged at $20 per beer since no alcohol will be served at the games).

Pricing on tickets depends on a variety of factors such as who is playing, the stage of the tournament, and more. The early games in the tournament are surprisingly affordable. For instance, on the secondary market, the get-in price for USA vs Wales is just $78.

The first game for the home team, Saudi Arabia, is $207.

Prices unsurprisingly rise for later games. Quarterfinals tickets are around $400 on the secondary market. Semifinals rise to a get-in price of $700 or so, and the get-in for the World Cup Finals is $2,400.

Expect that price to rise throughout the tournament as the likely opponents become clearer.

Tickets to games are likely to be just a small portion of the total cost for anyone coming in out of town to spectate.

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