November 27, 2022

LeSean McCoy has no problem calling out top tier players who aren’t playing well, and lately his focus has been on Aaron Rodgers and Justin Fields.

Few NFL analysts bring the heat quite like Pittsburgh Panther legend LeSean McCoy. To stand on the other end of a “Shady” rant is to be mercilessly and publicly gutted, all aspects of your game criticized without any semblance of delicacy or tact.

LeSean McCoy takes aim at Aaron Rodgers’s public grievances and self-pity

In recent days, Shady has placed a couple of top players in his crosshairs. The first is legendary Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and up.

This clip is from the week following the embarrassing 15-9 loss to the Detroit Lions, where Rodgers threw three interceptions. While his performance in the subsequent two games has been better, with five TDs and no interceptions, the Packers remain 4-6 on the season and largely irrelevant to the playoff conversation.

While Shady is attacking Aaron Rodgers’s performance over the season, he’s more so attacking the QB’s willingness to seemingly air dirty laundry on any show or podcast that would have him.

If you’re going to go out and complain about your teammates, LeSean McCoy thinks you should be playing top-notch football yourself, or expect to hear about it from him.

Next on Shady’s list is Justin Fields’s throwing arm

Despite receiving some praise for improvement in his second season with the Chicago Bears, Justin Fields has continued to look uncomfortable throwing the ball while making mistakes.

LeSean McCoy suggested that no top-tier WR would want to go play with him because they’d never get the ball.

He suggests that despite the calls for the Bears to acquire additional weapons to help Fields develop, it wouldn’t do much good because of his run-first mentality. This makes the offense much easier to defend, especially when they don’t have their other running backs going.

Shady has never been one to mince words, and his recent attacks on Rodgers and Fields have been some of his most pointed yet.

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